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Access Controls

Use of physical keys leave companies at a substantial risk. Keys can get lost, stolen, or used by an internal individual to provide unauthorized access. Potential malicious intent can easily be thwarted with the installation of access control solutions.

We've partnered with leaders in the industry to bring you high quality access control solutions at affordable prices. User permissions can be updated in a flash to deploy new card holders, update existing permissions, or generate visitor badges. Schedule working hours to eliminate the potential for unauthorized badge access overnight. Unlock doors automatically when your business opens. The list goes on!


Access controls also provide audit logs of user activity across the site, ensuring you have total control of your facility. We can configure occupancy zones based on the card reader layout, allowing you to know where people are in the building. Camera integration provides visual verification each time the door closes and can notify of potential tailgaters.

Ask us how we can design a cost-effective solution to fit your needs!

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