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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


Traffic monitoring allows authorities to detect congestion and accidents, monitor road conditions, and perform License Plate Recognition for tolling/investigative purposes. Public transit requires specialty cameras that can handle the ever changing lighting as well as vibration from the vehicle, all while being vandal resistant

Banking & Financial Services

Financial institutions require high levels of security, ranging from intrusion detection to day to day teller station monitoring. Biometric security is often combined into access controls to ensure restricted access is being maintained.


The education field requires a diverse range of IoT devices. Network speakers manage day to day announcements and emergency alerts, managed lighting conserves energy when the building is unoccupied, perimeter cameras provide protection against trespass and vandalism.


Smart Hospitals are changing the way we manage and deliver healthcare. Access controls can silently alert hospital staff in the event of emergencies. Thermal imaging provides safety information while maintaining patient privacy. Real time remote communication with any patient room provide an unparalleled standard of care.


Asset management is a crucial aspect of any successful business model. Modern technologies automate this task through a variety of methods. RFID technologies can be used to manage stock rooms and automatically order more products when supplies are running low. 


Construction projects require robust temporary solutions that can withstand harsh environments. We deploy time lapse cameras for project overview, asset tracking and surveillance for tool loss prevention, wireless internet for contractors, and more.

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