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Why Choose TurnKey Security Solutions?


We've partnered with leaders in the industry to bring you the highest quality products, ensuring high performance and longevity of your system. Across our broad range of services, we're confident that we can find the right platform to fit your needs.


Our platforms are specifically designed for your projects. Our goal is to ensure that the end-user has a user-friendly remotely-accessible interface to effectively manage their sites, without all the extra frills that most companies will try to sell you on.


We offer innovative solutions for sites that pose critical challenges such as: lack of internet or network infrastructure, reuse of existing antiquated cabling, poor lighting conditions/hard angles, and more. 


Our Professional Services team configures devices prior to deployment, ensuring seamless installation. Our multi-faceted team is familiar with a wide range of platforms and ready to support you through any challenge you might face!


All technicians onsite are fully insured with the industry standard policies. Most of, if not all of, our technicians hold and maintain multiple certifications across their various fields and strive to stay current on cutting edge technologies that benefit the client.

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